John Sanders - Web developer - PHP, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

John Sanders Web Developer

This is the professional home for John Sanders. I am currently working full time, and not able to take on any freelance projects.

Remote Support

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Web Development / Web Design:

I develop websites using custom HTML5/CSS3/Javscript. I build dynamic websites using PHP, or a Content Magement system.

Technologies I've worked with:

  • CSS: CSS3, LESS, Bootstrap
  • JS: Javascript, jQuery & custom plugins, jQuery UI & custom widgets, AJAX
  • Web Languages & Frameworks: PHP, JSP, CodeIgniter
  • CMS: Joomla, Wordpress, Textpattern
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services: CloudFront, S3, EC2

Small and Medium Enterprise IT Support:

I've supported many different business types over my 14 years and have been exposed to a variety in IT support teams.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Desktop Support / Helpdesk
  • Windows and Linux Server installation and management
  • Printer support
  • Software patching and Antivirus
  • Group Policies (Windows)
  • Firewall
  • T1 Voice and Data Networking

Enterprise Contact Center Technologies

Having worked for AT&T for 12 years, I did a lot of work supporting contact centers.  Specifically, I managed an all in one, turn-key Contact Center Technology shop.  We supported all telecommunications, for multiple call centers, totaling thousands of agents.  We worked as the glue that enabled multiple contact centers to function as a single virtual contact center.

We fully supported the Automatic Call Distributors, and all of the peripheral systems that were required for the Contact Center, including Verint Call Recording, IEX Workforce Management, Real Time and Historical Reporting, Sign Boards, Call Brokers, CTI, Vendor Management, Maintenance Contract Negotiations, and Billing Management.