John Sanders

Sr. Software Developer

Professional Profile

Personally and professionally, my interests lie in technology and web development. I enjoy the challenges that come with problem solving, troubleshooting, and developing stable and secure IT infrastructure and software architecture that meets business needs. As a web developer, I love learning and applying new technologies to the greatest extent possible, and I use this knowledge to fuel the success of every project I work on.

Professional Experience

Sr. Software Developer

  • Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
  • Plano, TX
  • 2018 — Present
  • Rebuild legacy Java Swing client using modern, responsive web technologies (Typescript, ReactJS, Redux, SCSS, Webpack), targeting platforms such as desktop (Window/Mac), tablets and mobile (iOS and Android)
  • Build responsive and flexible interfaces using media queries, Flex/Grid systems, Material UI, and Bootstrap.
  • Develop custom reusable framework UI components, when off-the-shelf options aren't feasible
  • Integrate web client with REST API using Axios, promises, async/await
  • Custom Redux middleware for global error handling, and authentication checks
  • Web workers utilized for reliable timekeeping
  • Automate static code analysis with ESLint, and code formatting with Prettier
  • Build and bundle web application using Webpack, and various plugins
  • Code repositories: Git (Bitbucket), SVN
  • Git branching strategy for feature/bug fixes, and releases
  • Build and run Docker container for reusable local development environments
  • Automate application build and run in OpenShift (IBM's Kubernetes platform), on both IBMi hardware and AWS (ROSA)
  • Utilize CI/CD strategies, including BitBucket webhooks and Docker application container builds for rapid changes with automated deployment to development environment
  • Review pull requests, ensuring code standards are followed, quality checks are made
  • Perform end to end UI testing in Browserstack across all supported platforms

Web Applications Developer

  • WORLDPAC, Inc.
  • Plano, TX
  • 2012 — 2018
  • Web application development lead.
  • Create and maintain AWS Cloud Architecture (EC2, EFS, S3, CDN, RDS, Lambda). Turnkey web hosting platforms built with code.
  • Migrate internal legacy product imaging service to AWS: Service Management web application utilizes PHP7 and Laravel 5.5, and beanstalkd for queue management. Create automated image processing workflow with S3, API Gateway, Lambda, and CloudFront.
  • Create and implement development tools (node.js, gulp with plugins) to build web applications for deployment to staging and production environments.
  • Troubleshoot Javascript implementations and assist with certification process for third-party web-based vendors that integrate with a Java client WebSocket API.
  • Designed and developed workflow efficiency web application that helped increase employee productivity by 52%.
  • Enhance and modernize legacy e-commerce website. Project includes:
    • Transform monolithic JSP page architecture to a JSON API backend with an AngularJS frontend.
    • Implement DRY and Single Responsibility principles to simplify the code base.
    • Reduce server traffic by implementing smaller, targeted AJAX data requests, and combining and minifying JS/CSS.
  • Implement Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network reducing server traffic by 75%, improving server uptime to 99.92%.
  • Joomla website development, including custom templates, WAF installation/maintenance, and automated backups to S3.


  • WORLDPAC, Inc.
  • Newark, CA
  • 2010 — 2012
  • Designed, developed, and maintained over 30 public and intranet web properties.
  • Enhanced the look and performance of an in-house reporting tool. Entire UI refresh. Database and application performance enhancements reduced average page load time from fifteen seconds to less than one second.
  • Designed and developed a Polldaddy scheduling and publishing tool. Provided the Marketing department with a single, easy to use, self-service tool to manage their Polldaddy campaigns across various web properties.
  • Developed and maintained geolocation web services: map visualizations, customer training class locator, precise email campaign targeting.

Freelance Web Developer/Designer

  • San Ramon, CA
  • 2008 — 2010
  • Managed entire customer lifecycle including assessing and documenting client requirements, developing solutions, and ensuring customer success.
  • Designed and developed custom websites, micro-frameworks and templates.
  • Converted existing websites into content management systems, such as TextPattern and Joomla, providing customers with the capability to edit their own website content.
  • Developed Javascript/jQuery user interfaces.

Senior IT Analyst

  • AT&T Services
  • San Ramon, CA
  • 1996 — 2008
  • Managed development and implementation of Automatic Call Distributors (ACD).
  • Developed XHTML/CSS front-end web interfaces for software configuration utilities.
  • Coded utility applications in VBScript, manipulating file systems, Windows registry, and creating run-time logs.
  • Designed and built Oracle and Access databases.
  • Built reporting server repository. Developed reports and automated distribution of executive reports.
  • Administered Crystal Reports systems, including installation, configuration, and custom report creation.
  • Ensured accurate billing by careful review of vendor maintenance contracts.
  • Trained and mentored team members.